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Wanee & Junah (2002)

'Wanee', young animator, and 'Junha', screen playwright, is living together in Wanee's house her parents left her. Their love is tried and tested when Youngmin, Wanee's step-brother and her unattainable first love,  returns.  Soyang, a high school friend visits the house. Junha becomes aware of Wanee and Youngmin's relationship.  The past and present becomes tangled as the memories flash by..

"Wanee" was shot over a monsoon season in 2001.  The house was so heavely covered in trees, we had to create most of the sunlight even during the day.  I was at the 10 year anniversary screening of the film recently and talked to the producers about a Blu-ray release. We'll just have to see.

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