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Duelist (2005)

Once upon a time in Korea, the Minister of Defense assumes control of the military by stamping counterfeit money. Detective 'Nam-soon' goes undercover with her partner Detective 'Ahn' to investigate. She discovers that one loyal henchman, 'Sad Eyes', a beautiful swordsman with a pale face, is covering up the Minister’s tracks. Nam-soon and Sad Eyes confront each other in a series of duels which, inevitably, leads to love. Each struggles to reconcile between love and duty, as they face their fate in one last duel. 

"Duelist" was my first Digital Intermediate film.  But all most all of the light and contrast balance was done on set.  Because the process was so new, I wouldn't take any chances.  I won Best Cinematograpy from Korean Association of Film Critcs Award and Annual Korean Film Awards.

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