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Ice Bar (2006)

1969, Korea…Ten-year old 'Young-rae' lives alone with his mother in the countryside. Life is difficult for them and his mother is forced to sell illegally imported cosmetics on the street. But Young-rae is plucky and can stand up to anything except when other kids call him “fatherless.” When he hears that the father he had only dreamed of is alive and living in Seoul, he makes it his life's goal to get to the city and find him. The only way to get there, however, is a long and expensive train ride. To raise money, Young-rae starts selling ice cream bars. As his goal nears, trouble finds him..

"Ice Bar" is the only family movie I shot.  It features a couple of very talented kids and a heart warming story.  It was my first Fuji job and I had tough time getting a good color out of the DI.  It had a disappointing boxoffice but won Grand Prix at 2007 Fukuoka International Film Festival in Japan.

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