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Once Upon a Time in Seoul (2008)

1953, the Korean war has ended, but the fight for survival has just begun. Two 18 year old boys, 'Taeho' and 'Jongdu', live in a camp for orphaned boys, where everyone suffers from hunger. Taeho is the brain and Jongdu, the brawn. Together they scheme to steal US Army supplies and recruit other boys to grow their business. But when they start to take business away from the local gangsters, their fight for survival turns into a war… 

"Once.." features many night scenes. The film is set in post war 50's so it also had to be moonlit nights.  Instead of doing traditional blue moon light, I decided on strong back lit white light because  I saw the brightest full moon night during a scout in the mountains and that's what I saw. The film was shot late 2006 but was not released till 2008.

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