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Ride Away (2008)

'Ha-jeong' is a freshman in a new town.  She develops feelings for 'Su-wook', whom she meets at a used bookstore. Ha-jeong works out a plan with the help of her friend 'Seon-yeong' to profess her feelings to Su-wook. When she finds out that Su-wook rides a bicycle, Ha-jeong learns to ride.  Ha-jeong's life is finally taking a turn for the better. As Su-wook begins to open his heart to Ha-jeong, they learn that both have pains that are difficult to share....

"Ride Away" is my first all digital film.  It was shot with the Thompson Viper Camera.  I was tethered to a DVR station with 3 wires and had to dump bad takes during the day because we would run out of storage space.  We've come a long way since then.

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